Training & Development


Specializing in staffing, training and payroll

Your team’s learning and growth come from the resources provided and investments you make in them. Creating pathways to training and professional development is a great way to support an employee’s strengths and also helps to boost their morale.  We want to help you create internal communities of practice that may help with retention as well.  

Our evidence based learning, partnered with our area subject experts will provide the experience needed to challenge your staff.  Our programs include classes, training and team-building exercises to provide you with the latest information on:


Learning and Development Consultants

 —  Our skilled consultants provide your team with the tools they need to lead with excellence.

  1. Develop and implement learning strategies and programs
  2. Design e-learning courses, career plans and workshops
  3. Maintain budgets and relationships with vendors and consultants

Executive Search Recruiters

Variable hourly rate — 

  1. Identify and recruit prospective candidates using a variety of channels
  2. Assess candidates to ensure qualification match, cultural fit and compatibility
  3. Conduct confidential interviews, checking references and credit

Payroll and Time Management Solutions

Variable hourly rate — 

  1. We provide our clients with an alternative to the mega-national payroll companies with cloud based payroll solutions
  2. Anytime access to customized employee data, payroll processing R
  3. Reports that allow you to manage payroll when it best fits YOUR schedule.
  4. We also offer complete human capital management services, including time keeping and clocks, hiring and on-boarding, and more.